About Inhibitors

Our immune systems protect our bodies from germs and viruses. But, sometimes our immune systems make mistakes.1

Sometimes the immune system produces an antibody that destroys something that is helping the body.1


An antibody is a protein molecule produced by the immune system.2

Factor VIII and factor IX are proteins that help the body control bleeding. But, sometimes the immune system makes an antibody that destroys these clotting factors. This is a mistake and no one is sure why it happens.1,3

When a person with hemophilia produces an antibody that destroys factor VIII or IX, it's called an inhibitor.1

Recently Diagnosed With an Inhibitor?

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with inhibitors, you may have questions or worry about what this means. KnowInhibitors.com was created to help people living with inhibitors.

By helping you understand the facts, make the right plans, and find the right support, we hope this website makes living with hemophilia and inhibitors a bit easier.