You Are Not Alone

Being diagnosed with inhibitors can feel overwhelming—but it's important to know two things.

First, you are not alone. Many people felt the same way when they or their child was first diagnosed.3

Second, living with inhibitors can be made easier with knowledge, planning, and some valuable support along the way.1,3

Others have discovered this lesson. Maybe you will, too.

Inhibitors Happen

According to the National Hemophilia Foundation, up to 30% of people with severe hemophilia A and about 4% with severe hemophilia B will develop inhibitors to their factor therapy.6

No one is sure why some people develop inhibitors and others do not. There is a mix of many factors that can contribute to inhibitor development.1,3 Research is ongoing.

Inhibitor levels vary from person to person. Over the course of time, inhibitor levels can also vary within the same person.1,3