Inhibitor Treatment Options

Approximately 30% of people with hemophilia will develop an inhibitor.6 When someone has hemophilia, treatment can involve taking factor medication. By taking the missing clotting factor, the body can stop bleeding.3

Why Treating Inhibitors Can Be Challenging

Inhibitors stop factor replacement treatment from working. So, inhibitors make it harder to stop bleeds.4

Fortunately, several treatment options are available today and research is ongoing.4

Treatment is based on the type of inhibitor a person has.3

Individualizing Treatment

Inhibitors are complex. The amount of inhibitors in the blood varies from person to person and within the same person over time.3

If you are diagnosed with inhibitors, your hemophilia care team will consider your inhibitor level, as well as your lifestyle and activities.3

Factor Replacement Therapy. People who are low responders (<5 BU) may be treated with clotting factor concentrates (factors VIII or IX). In people with low inhibitor levels, this may be enough to overcome the inhibitor and form a blood clot (and stop bleeding).4,5

Bypassing Agents. Special treatments are used to treat people with a high inhibitor titer. Rather than replacing the missing factor, these medications go around (or bypass) the factors that are missing or insufficient to help the blood form a clot.4,5

Non-Factor Therapy. A treatment for people with hemophilia A with factor VIII inhibitors that activates a different part of the coagulation cascade to mimic the action of the missing factor VIII.19

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Decisions regarding treatment should take into account the strength of someone's inhibitor response, the location of the bleed, the severity of the bleed, and whether the person has started (or is planning to start) the process of eradicating the inhibitor.18 (Your hemophilia treatment team can provide information about this option.)

Ideally, a person with inhibitors should be treated at a hemophilia treatment center with specialized expertise.18