Treatment Centers

Finding a doctor or a hemophilia care team at a treatment center that you trust is important. Why?

Treatment centers are great for people with hemophilia and inhibitors. You can see several doctors at one time, plus you can get a wide range of information from a group of experts.

Who's on the Hemophilia Care Team?

A complete hemophilia care team is a group of medical professionals that can help you manage all aspects of inhibitor treatment.3

You're unique and important. Likewise, each person on the team has a unique and important role. If you work closely with each of them, it will help you feel more prepared. It will also help them get to know you better, so they can give you individualized guidance.

Your comprehensive care center team will usually have the following core team members:

Hematologist. A doctor who specializes in blood disorders.11

Head Nurse. Usually a registered nurse who directs the nurses providing care to patients with hemophilia. You will probably talk to your nurse more than anyone else on your care team.11

The nurse coordinator can help you with everything from scheduling tests and appointments, to coordinating care with your other providers. He or she might also share educational materials with you.3,16

Physical Therapist. A rehabilitation professional who can offer expert advice on activities, sports, exercise, and physical therapy.3,16

Social worker. A counseling professional who can help you with daily living issues, such as adjusting to hemophilia and locating resources. For example, they can help with things like insurance, transportation, housing, social networks, and so on.3,11

Specialists should be available, as needed. They might include:

  • Orthopedic surgeon16
  • Physiatrist/rheumatologist4
  • Occupational therapist3
  • Dentist3
  • Infectious disease specialist16
  • Immunologist4
  • Other specialists4

The Most Important Person on the Hemophilia Care Team

Is you! You are the most important member of your treatment team. Your team will value your input.11

So, feel free to share your thoughts or concerns, then carefully listen and follow the advice of the hemophilia care team.

How Do I Find the Location of My Treatment Center?

Hemophilia Treatment Centers are located in cities across the United States. To find one close to you visit the or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and search for "hemophilia treatment centers".

If there is no treatment center close to you, talk to your doctor about the services listed on this page. They might offer similar services.