For Teenagers Only!

Congratulations! You're at the age when you're going to start enjoying more freedom.

But, that also means you'll be taking on more responsibility.

You Rock

Now, no one expects you to feel thrilled about hemophilia with inhibitors.

It's natural to feel like life is unfair sometimes. Especially if a bleed makes you miss things you want to do.

The lucky thing is that these days, there are treatments that can help keep you mobile and protect your joints for the future.

The best thing you can do is work with it. Don't fight against taking your treatment, even if it seems like nothing but a big bother.

Strange Times, Strange People

Being in the middle of your teen years can be strange. Even at the best of times, even without thinking about inhibitors, you're going through a lot of changes.

Your hormones are going manic and your emotions can be all over the place.

Your body is changing, and your parents, brothers, and sisters might be driving you nuts. But, you know what? That's all normal.

Some people you come across may be the sad, pathetic types. You know, the types who pick on people who they see as "different". Bullying is common — most people are picked on at some point in their lives.

But, the strange thing is that most bullies are actually cowards. They can't handle it when people stand up to them. In your case, you will need to fight with words, not fists.

If you need advice on dealing with any anyone who might be giving you a hard time, try doing a web search on "dealing with bullies" and similar topics. Most importantly, don't keep it to yourself — the bully's biggest weapon is when people are afraid to speak out about them. Once they're named and shamed, they're likely to run away with their tail between their legs.

What's the Real Deal?

When you get angry or frustrated, it might be tempting to blame everything on your condition.

But, take a real look and see if maybe it might be something else that is bothering you. If you feel overwhelmed, speak to someone — a friend, a parent, someone at school, or someone at your hemophilia center.

Or find another outlet… get creative with writing, painting, web design, or learning an instrument. After all, knowing a few songs on the guitar isn't just fun and relaxing.