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As you get older, you might get all sorts of ideas — and worries.

Here are a few common ones, with some thoughts on what might be practical for you, or not.

Body Art: Tattoos and Piercings

You might really love the thought of getting some body art done, maybe a tattoo? Or some piercings?

Sorry, friend. Unfortunately, it's probably best if you stay away from any kind of body art that draws blood. The risks are really too great for someone with hemophilia, let alone with inhibitors.

Wanting to express your individuality is great. But, there are other ways you can do this. Experiment with funky hairstyles and clothes, or get some glasses whether you need them or not. Once you start growing facial hair, have some fun with that, too.

You could always get some temporary henna tattoos done (but stay away from black henna, it can cause serious allergic reactions). The ordinary brown henna ones last about 6 weeks and can look really great.


When it comes time for you to start shaving, you might be worried and scared about cutting yourself. That's a valid concern.

An electric shaver is a great idea for anyone with hemophilia, and especially with inhibitors. However, even the most experienced person with a razor will occasionally cut themselves.

Perhaps you can find an older person in your family to help you choose the best shaver, since even electric ones can nick the skin sometimes. Also, use a good shaving cream to prepare your skin for shaving, so it will be less likely to get irritated or damaged. It's well worth the extra spending money.