Dealing With Teenage Stress

It's normal for someone to be stressed out at your age (or any age).

Your parents or brother/sister might be driving you mad, you might be dealing with exams … all kinds of things will be testing your ability to keep your cool.

You Must Chill

Because you live with hemophilia with inhibitors, you have even more reason to feel anxious or on edge at times: even if you don't get bleeds, or haven't had one in ages, it's probably always in the back of your mind.

Even when you forget all about hemophilia, one of your loved ones will probably remind you of it by telling you to be careful, or reminding you about a check-up.

Luckily, there are loads of different things you can do to help you relax. You just need to find out which ones are best for you.

  • Get lost in music.
    Whatever type of music you're in the mood for, you can shut the world out any time by popping some headphones in and closing your eyes (unless you're out walking!). Make it all go away, even if it's just for 5 minutes… bliss. Music also works wonders if you have an instrument you can play. Fifteen minutes or more practicing a piece of music you love is a great type of therapy.
  • Let it all out.
    Shout or scream into a pillow. It is best to make sure you're alone in the room first!!! Sounds a bit strange, but it can really help and save you from having to apologize to anyone else later … except the pillow, of course.
  • Tell them about it.
    Trying to keep all your feelings inside you can sometimes build up to one big fireworks display of emotions. Try to deal with negative feelings as you experience them. If you can, go straight to the other person involved and be as honest and calm as possible. If that's not possible, then try writing it down. You may find you feel a million times better just for expressing whatever it is.
  • Work it out.
    If there's a form of exercise you love, and you can safely do, then there is no better way to get rid of stress. Use up all that negative energy and feel the high you get from the endorphins exercise produces.

    Pilates and yoga are great! Not only do they help relieve tension, but also they can help build up muscles all over your body too.
  • Laugh it off.
    There are so many great comedy programs and videos you can watch to help you see the funny side of life. Look for silly stuff online — there are endless funny videos to look through.

    Laughing for 20 minutes a day has proven health benefits. LOL!
  • Don't forget to breathe.
    Big, deep breaths. Simple, but works very well.