Freedom. Finally.

When you fly the family nest, there are all sorts of things you'll have to get your head around. Of course, that's after the initial euphoria of being free has worn off.

Food shopping, cooking, washing clothes, classes, work, paying bills … OMG it all starts to sound overwhelming, doesn't it?!

Everybody who leaves home has to deal with all that stuff. But, you have more to pay attention to. You need to continue to protect your joints and the rest of your body from damage.

College Considerations

If you're away at college, you may need to think about how much equipment and treatment to bring with you. You may also need to find a safe space to store it so that it cannot be tampered with. Maybe it's best kept under lock and key? That way, if you end up with some jerk of a roommate, they won't be able to act out their funny joke to hide it from you, or try taking it themselves.

Sure, that sounds ridiculous. But, student digs can be ridiculous and sometimes you don't know what roommates you'll end up with. Even if you live with the nicest, most trustworthy people in the world, they could accidently invite someone over who might do something stupid.

So, depending on how far from home you are, you may need to sort out a new delivery address for your treatment. Or, depending on the set-up you've got going on with your doctor or hemophilia center, you might need to find a new way to pick it up.

It might sound obvious. But, if you get it sorted before you go, you won't risk running out of treatment or any of the supplies that go with it.

Learning to Fly

The first time you spread your wings and take off … it can be scary. It is for everyone. But it's also exciting.

Your parents will probably keep the nest warm for you. If you need a decent meal, someone to talk to, a good night's sleep, a place to do a load of laundry, or so on and so on, they'll still be there.

Don't expect to get the hang of being on your own all at once. Most parents are happy when their grown-up children still need their help and advice.

And, don't worry. Your hemophilia care team will still be there for you, too.