Working It

If you are looking forward to starting to make money and ready to earn a salary, there's no reason why you can't start looking for a job.

Most careers are fine for people living with hemophilia and inhibitors, as long as you're careful. Obviously you need to stay away from anything that involves heavy manual work.

Let Someone Know

It's a good idea to tell someone you work with about hemophilia and inhibitors. That way, they can be prepared and know what to do if you get an unexpected bleed.


It may also be a good idea to consider jobs that you could do if you had to be at home resting. That way you won't get as bored and can still be getting work done.

A vast number of jobs can be done using computers, email, and video or telephone conferencing these days. So, don't let hemophilia and inhibitors hold you back when it comes to the world of work.