Your Body

If you're living with hemophilia and inhibitors, it's important to understand what you can do to stay fit. The better your overall fitness, the better you'll be able to stay healthy and recover from bleeds.

This section will help you learn more about how exercise connects with your health — and things you should think about and watch out for. Learning more about staying fit with fun activities can help your overall health. It will also help you protect yourself against joint damage and bleeds.

Heart Health

Proper diet and exercise are important for your heart's health. Talk with your hematologist about any heart issues you may be worried about. If needed, get a referral to a cardiologist who knows the most up-to-date information about heart health in hemophilia.3,25


Repeated bleeds in a joint can lead to persistent swelling or arthritis. You may feel stiff or tight and there may be pain, even when you're not having a bleeding episode. Work with your doctor and physical therapist at your hemophilia treatment center to determine your best plan of action for staying active while also managing pain.3