Travel Tips

When you have hemophilia and inhibitors and plan to travel, you can help make your travels easier and safer by gathering your supplies and documents ahead of time.

  • Always wear medical identification information29
  • Always carry your own treatment products with you and make sure they are properly stored for travelling3,29
    • Some can be stored at room temperature (for up to 24 months) while traveling
    • When storing your medication at room temperature, be sure to write the date of expiration on the box
    • Keep the vials in the box to protect them from light and to avoid trouble with security checkpoints
  • Carry a letter from your hemophilia center or physician with your diagnosis and any other relevant medical information. If possible, have your medical history translated into the language of the country you are visiting or in English3,29
  • Carry a letter to present at customs that explains why you are carrying your treatment products, other prescribed drugs, needles, syringes, etc. — it would be helpful if this was in the language of the country you are visiting or into English29
  • Make sure that the medication packages you bring with you on your travels have your name, your doctor's name, and phone numbers clearly marked on them
  • Check your medical insurance well in advance of your visit to another country to ensure that it covers you for all pre-existing conditions or care29
  • Contact the hemophilia center(s) on your route or in the country you will be visiting prior to your visit to verify that what you need for treatment can be made available to you29
  • Avoid remote places with limited medical services

Tips for Flying

  • Carry a letter in English from your hemophilia center to give to airline security that explains why you are carrying treatment products, other prescribed drugs, needles, syringes, etc., and the serious implications of not having them immediately on hand3,29
  • Always carry your treatment products, prescribed drugs, needles, syringes, and so on, on-board the aircraft as carry-on luggage3,29
    • Keep in mind that, if you remove the vials from the packaging, you may run into delays at airports or customs
  • When you buy your plane ticket, ask for a seat with extra leg room to protect your knees and make you more comfortable3,29